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The procedure itself was straight forward, I woke up in recovery with a bit of post op pain but that was brought under control quick smart. I was getting up to go to the bathroom that evening and up and about next day. I had the operation Wednesday and was home Saturday morning, back at work a week later.  For anyone considering the procedure I would say think about it. Talk to your Doctor, know what to expect, do your research. Follow all the instructions and enjoy the rest of your new life.

It's grouse.

Sleeve Gastrectomy, BHH, 2015

This is the best thing I have ever done for myself, I have felt very supported through the whole process. Everything was explained the pros & cons. The operation has given me my confidence back, I no longer have diabetes & have heaps more energy

Sleeve Gastrectomy

I would (and have) recommend Dr. Clough and the gastric sleeve to anyone who has long term weight issues.  I have lost over 40kgs and feel fabulous.  The procedure was uneventful and I have been able to quickly start exercising and enjoying my energy levels.  I have been able to go on an airplane without asking for a longer belt, buy clothes off the rack and am generally more confident and feel healthy and well.  This has been a great experience for me.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

I do not regret my decision to undergo this surgery at all, it has changed my life. My kids now have a mum who is active with them. I swim with my kids, go on bike rides & even jump on the trampoline. I'm more confident in my self and who I am.  This is not an easy out, it's tough and not putting weight back on is a constant battle, I didn't approach this as a way to stop dieting, which I know a lot of people do instead I've used it as a tool to get to were I've ways wanted to be. It's up to me to work on keeping it off especially given I can eat anything without side effects and the volume I can eat has increased now I'm over 2 years out. Most of the time I monitor what I eat and I ensure that I exercise.  

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Anthony is a fantastic surgeon , would recommend the clinic 100% . Merril is also a wonderful dietician with a wealth of knowledge for pre and post bariatric surgery. Absolutely the best decision I've made despite being so worried and reluctant to do it.

Gastric Band

My only complant is I did not have the operation 20 years earlier             GOOD JOB BOB

Sleeve Gastrectomy

I'm not sure I had definite expectations when undertaking the surgery - but I had to make a change to my life. The surgery assisted with a change in habits and exercise, and I have definitely lost weight and feel better. Could I have lost more weight and be happier with the result? Yes. Would this require more commitment from me? Yes. Did the surgeon and the practice do their job? Definitely YES, and more. I would definitely do it again, and am still working with the fabulously supportive team Mr Clough has. My only wish is I had met them earlier and not delayed having the surgery because of misinformation previously. Thank you very much.

Gastric Bypass

Very happy with the whole experience.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

I love seeing the way it changes people’s lives.  I think that medical dieting has very limited success and bariatric surgery has a much greater chance of success in really changing people’s lives

Clinic dietician, 25 years’ experience

I am a 56 year old female from the NE suburbs. I had gastric sleeve surgery in June 2015 under Mr Clough at Box Hill Hospital.  It has been the best thing I have ever done and I could quite easily be the 'poster girl' for gastric surgery. 

12 months on I have lost 40kg and am still losing weight - my goal is to lose up to another 20kg. I feel absolutely fantastic. All the joint aches and pains I used to experience have gone, I can now do exercise and am hoping to compete in a team triathlon next summer. I can walk without getting puffed, I have energy to burn and nothing hurts anymore. My blood pressure has dropped and I feel fantastic.

Deborah, 56, VIC
Sleeve Gastrectomy, BHH, July 2015
From 136.3kg to 108.5kg

Anthony you’re a legend, you operated on me in October last year starting weight at opti stage 189 kgs today on the scales 133.9 kgs my wife loves you for what you have done for me see you in February next year for check up.

Greg, 56, Mooroopna VIC
Sleeve Gastrectomy, BHH, 2015
From 189kg to 133kg in 9 months

My weight was getting out of control and not only that I had out of control type 2 diabetes.  I am now in remission from my diabetes.  I am no longer on insulin or tablets.  The pharmaceutical bill has gone from a large amount to nearly non existent. 

Julie, VIC
Gastric Bypass, EEH, 2015
From 133kg to 63kg

I had Anthony rectify my failed lap.band (from another surgeon) he suggested gastric bypass for me and ive never looked back.  I was so happy with the surgery and the result. Thanks again, Maria Concetta Varone

Maria Conchetta Varone
Band to Bypass, Epworth,

You see changes in patients they come in six months after their surgery and they’re just completely different people.

Practice Manager, North Eastern Weight Loss Surgery

I think I was hesitant to undertake such a major procedure but as soon as I went into the hospital the nurses were amazing, the doctors and staff were fabulous.  They walked me through it and when I woke up I really felt a changed person.  I didn’t have a lot of confidence or positive body image.  I always felt that I was wearing clothes that were far older that the sort of person and the vibe of person I am now.  It’s just changed my life it’s just been an absolutely amazing experience. 

This is the way that you can get your life back, this is the way that you can make yourself into the person that you want to be.  I wholeheartedly recommend having this sort of surgery

Yvet, VIC
Gastric Bypass, EEH, 2015
From 113kg to 72kg