Body Contouring Procedures

Mr Clough offers abdominoplasty and arm reduction procedures for patients who have experience substantial weight loss from weight loss surgery.

Body Contouring

Abdominoplasty entails removing the redundant apron of skin that forms in the lower abdomen after weight loss.  This skin will not disappear by itself and no amount of toning or exercising can get rid of it.

The abdominoplasty procedure essentially involves swapping the redundant skin for a long, low scar.  The upper and mid abdominal skin will be pulled down under tension such that the belly button will have to be replaced further up.  Hence a circular scar will be present around the umbilicus after the procedure.

Arm reduction involves removing sagging skin under the arms which has developed due to weight loss.  Again, you are swapping the redundant skin for a scar, which will be visible in certain positions.

Body contouring procedures related to massive weight loss will generally only be eligible for medicare coverage or private health coverage if there are skin rashes or other medical-type impairments due to the chafing skin.

Mr Clough has competitive rates for these procedures, particularly for patients who have undergone their original weight loss surgery through his clinic. 


Important note: 

Mr Clough offers abdominoplasty surgery to patients who have had significant weight loss after bariatric surgery with substantial skin overhang in the lower abdomen and accompanying symptoms such as rashes, pain, skin excoriation or difficulties with personal hygiene.

Please note if your primary issue is the overall appearance of your abdomen you would be best to seek advice from a cosmetic surgeon who maybe able to tailor a cosmetic operation for you which may include liposuction, 360 degree resection or other adjunctive treatments **





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