Discount Packages for Weight Loss Surgery

Sleeve Gastrectomy and Body Contouring Package


Body Contouring MelbourrneSave thousands on later body contouring surgery by choosing to have your sleeve gastrectomy done through us!

Around 20% of patients having had weight loss surgery will seek body contouring surgery for loose skin.  In most cases the commonest area where redundant skin is removed is on the lower abdomen in the form of abdominoplasty surgery, or “tummy tuck”.  In some cases the amount of loose skin can be considerable causing a range of problems such as rashes, skin excoriation, fungal infections and difficulties with personal hygiene.  Other common issues include difficulties exercising and finding proper fitting clothes.

Before and After Tummy Tuck Images

The biggest barrier to undergoing this surgery usually comes down to the costs involved.  Costs can run into the tens of thousands depending on a range of factors including private insurance, procedure approval and which clinic you attend.  The financial issues may get worse as Medicare tightens its approval criteria for abdominoplasty in 2016.

Our clinic offers special deals for patients needing subsequent abdominoplasty after sleeve surgery.

If you have your sleeve gastrectomy through us and you need loose skin removed, you have access to the package price. This also applies to other forms of weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass or gastric banding performed through our clinic.*


Current prices as from January 2016*


Surgeon/asst surgeon out of pocket fee: $3750
Anaesthetist: $1600

Usually around $5350 total package for those insured

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Usually around $13,400 total package.

Brachioplasty (arm reduction)

Surgeon/Asst Surgeon out of pocket fee: $1950
Anaesthetist: $1140

Usually around $3090 total package for those insured

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Usually around $7550 total package


Note that if you have had your weight loss surgery elsewhere but still wish to undergo abdominoplasty or brachioplasty surgery through us our prices are still highly competitive.  Please call for more information: (03) 9958 3000.

*These prices are for patients having previous bariatric surgery through our clinic.  Please note that a patient seeking sleeve gastrectomy or other weight loss surgery does NOT need to sign up for both weight loss and body contouring surgery up front to access our special prices on subsequent abdominoplasty.


A 3D animation of abdominoplasty surgery can be found at... (choose “tummy tuck-full” option)