The SIPS Procedure as an alternative to Gastric Bypass

The SIPS Procedure as an alternative to Gastric Bypass

More study is being done on a new weight loss operation that may be a viable alternative to gastric bypass surgery as well as a good option for patients who have regained weight after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. 

SIPS stands for Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing Surgery.  The other technical name is sleeve gastrectomy with a loop duodeno-ileostomy.

In essence SIPS involves the following:

  1. Performing a standard sleeve gastrectomy
  2. Dividing the duodenum just beyond the stomach
  3. Hooking up the small bowel to the duodenum so that over half the bowel is bypasses thereby inducing malabsorption of calories

The SIPS Procedure as an alternative to Gastric Bypass

Why SIPS instead of bypass?

Bypass can be associated with a range of possible adverse effects over time including:

  1. Marginal ulcers at the top join
  2. Small bowel obstruction from it getting stuck in internal spaces
  3. Dumping syndrome
  4. Unstable blood sugar fluctuations
  5. Excessive food intolerance/restriction

In theory, because of the way the SIPS is constructed most of these problems should not occur in this procedure.  The procedure is, however, fairly new and requires further examination to ensure long term efficacy and safety.

Early results show that weight loss is similar to bypass and adverse events very acceptable.

The other promising role for the SIPS procedure is for sleeve gastrectomy patients who have regained some of their weight band or failed to achieve a satisfactory outcome in the first place.  Converting sleeve to SIPS is fairly straightforward and should take no more than about 30 minutes of operating time.


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Mr Clough will be offering the SIPS to selected patients in the second half of 2016.  Patients suitable for SIPS may include:

  1. Sleeve gastrectomy (or stomach stapling) patients who have regained weight over several years
  2. Patients looking for an initial procedure more powerful than sleeve gastrectomy but wanting an alternative to gastric bypass to avoid medium and long term adverse events such as dumping syndrome


For more information on SIPS please click here. Please contact the clinic and make an appointment with Mr Clough to discuss SIPS surgery further.

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