Robotic Gastric Bypass at North Eastern Weight Loss Surgery

In April 2014 Mr Anthony Clough together with Mr Patrick Moore began utilizing the Da Vinci Robot system to improve gastric bypass results at the Epworth Eastern Hospital, Melbourne.

The Da Vinci robot allows a number of small technical improvements including increased precision, increased instrument flexibility and enhanced dimensional view.   The surgeon is seated using a console so operator fatigue is reduced.

In October 2015 Mr Clough presented the results from the first 35 cases at the Obesity Society of Australia and New Zealand conference in Queensland.   


In our 35 cases about half were revisional cases whereby patients had already had previously weight loss surgery such as gastric banding. 

Our major complication rate during hospital admission for the 35 cases was zero.   Operating times have steadily decreased despite the complexity of the procedures increasing.

Using a robotic approach is currently our preferred method of performing gastric bypass and particularly revisional bypass surgery. 

To see videos of robotic bypass surgery visit the gastric bypass page

For enquiries regarding the robotic assisted approach please contact the clinic on 03 9895 7215.

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