Apollo are bringing the Overstitch device to Australia in 2016

Apollo are bringing the Overstitch device to Australia in 2016.  This novel, minimally invasive suturing device has been used in the USA since around 2008.   This device allows suturing of the stomach from the inside, through an endoscope (flexible fibre-optic telescope) placed through the mouth.

By approaching the problem from the inside, surgical cuts are not required and the anaesthetic is light.

This device can potentially be used for a variety of purposes including:

  1. Narrowing the pouch or outlet in gastric bypass patients who have lost restriction
  2. Attempted closure of holes in the stomach causing leaks
  3. Endoscopic sleeve gastrectomy – creating a sleeve from the inside through a telescope placed through the mouth!

**Please note that we do not currently offer endoscopic sleeve gastrectomy through our clinic.  However if you wish to discuss the role of this new procedure and how it compares to the established weight loss procedures please EMAIL Dr Clough directly through the "ASK A QUESTION" button down the bottom of the Home Page, rather than calling the office for further information**

The first cases using the Overstitch were done at the Epworth Hospital early in 2016.

If you have regained weight after your gastric bypass procedure, it is worth discussing whether the Overstitch may be of benefit for you.

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