Gastric Balloon

In 2015 the FDA approved the Orbera Intra-gastric Balloon for use in the United States.   Another, similar balloon has also been approved called the Reshape balloon.  The Reshape device is actually two balloons joined together whereas the Orbera is a single balloon. 

The balloon has been in use in Australia and other parts of the world for over a decade.  In South America, many large series have been reported including one totaling over 3500 patients.

The balloon is one of the so-called Endoscopic interventions for weight loss which is performed using a fibre-optic telescope inserted into the stomach.  Like all the current endoscopic interventions it must be removed after a period of time, which can also be done endoscopically.

Weight loss may be between 10-15kg which is more on average than a dietary programme can achieve.

Mr Clough will be offering balloon implantation from late 2016.


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